Pat-Got is an international association of patent agents, trademark agents, lawyers, and IP professionals who are in private practice, as opposed to corporate practice. Pat-Got provides a remarkable networking and educational forum for its members. Due to the diversity of membership from more than 40 countries, Pat-Got also provides opportunities for travel and cultural activities, fine indigineous cuisine, and other activities such as golf or tennis.

Pat-Got promotes the competitiveness and harmonization of international IP systems. Members are able to exchange country specific IP information and updates in a collegial, friendly, and relaxing manner through small group discussions.

On its website Pat-Got provides a members –only section with member-specific news, a directory of members, and publications, information, and newsletters.

Pat-Got conferences are held annually at various sites that are selected by its members. The number of attendees at conferences is limited. This sometimes makes it possible for Pat-Got to use as venues small, intimate sites which promote camaraderie. Even when the use of a small site is not possible, the limited number of attendees and the screening of potential members before admission promotes friendship among the members which goes far beyond business networking.