Welcome to the Pat-Got Website

Pat-Got is an organization of Intellectual Property Law professionals from around the world. Pat-Got promotes the exchange of country specific IP information and updates in a collegial, friendly, and relaxing manner through small group discussions. In addition to the educational and networking aspects of Pat-Got, members always find time for enjoying fine cuisine and other activities, including golf and tennis.

Pat-Got conferences are held annually in various countries at various sites that are selected by its members. Generally the venues of the conferences have alternated among the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. While the conferences often have been held between September and November of each year, there have been exceptions in which the conference has been held in July or August.

The 2017 annual meeting was held from 10 September to 16 September in Durban, South Africa, and was a great success due to the efforts of Rowan and Lisa.

The 2018 conference will be held in Argentina (Bariloche, Patagonia) from 2 December to 8 December with Matias Noetinger as our host. See the members Annual Meeting Page for more 2018 conference details.

Members who require help with their user name or password can send an email to info@pat-got.com