The International Pat-Got Association was founded on the premise that a relatively small group of people with a common interest in Intellectual Property would benefit by meeting once a year to become better acquainted and exchange information about intellectual property developments. The philosophy is that Pat-Got meetings would develop more learned professionals and lead to closer friendships and more sincere and fruitful business relationships. In keeping with this philosophy, the number of members of Pat-Got, and the number of attendees at its annual convention, is diverse and limited. This philosophy has been proven true since the inception of Pat-Got in 1983.

Pat-Got promotes the exchange of country specific IP information and updates in a collegial, friendly, and relaxing manner through small group discussions. In addition to the educational aspects of Pat-Got, members who attend the annual convention have the opportunity to enjoy fine cuisine, cultural activities, and recreational activities such as golf and tennis.

Pat-Got conferences are held annually at various sites that are selected by its members. In order to fulfill its diversity and educational mandates, Pat-Got conference venues have alternated among the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. While the conferences often have been held between September and November of each year, there have been exceptions in which the conference has been held in July or August.